Typical misting fans are great indoors.  Assuming you are OK with damp carpets and furniture. They may feel good at the time they blow on you. But is it worth a wet room? Somewhere between scathing summer heat and a soggy sofa is the solution, the Evaporative Mist Indoor Fan. This is no ordinary misting fan though. The vibrations aren’t from a rotating blade, but rather ultrasonic vibrations – sound waves that operate higher than we can hear. That creates microdroplets from the 1.5L water tank. Those droplets create a cooling mist which evaporates before it hits anything. The fan also rotates 360° to target the place you want cooled, and with a full tank, will mist for 9 hours. Done with mist? No problem, turn off the mist and use it as a fan. For $179.95 make mist your friend during the hot summer days and nights.

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