You have worked hard to build your auto repair business and you want to make sure that the doors stay open. One way to protect your business is with auto repair shop insurance. This insurance will protect where you work in addition to how you perform your job.
If someone were to break into your shop and steal your tools, how would you be able to work? Having auto repair shop insurance would replace your tools. One thing to consider when you are getting your policy is to ask for replacement cost on everything. If you don’t have replacement cost the insurance company will pay you the actual cash value of the item and depreciate the value for age. You could end up with a big out of pocket expense.
If you are keeping any of your customers’ vehicles overnight you may also want to consider auto repair shop insurance coverage that will cover any vehicles you are holding. If something happens to a customer’s vehicle or if it were to get stolen you want it to be covered.
Because of all the circumstances that can arise in an auto repair business you want to sit down with a knowledgeable insurance agent that can help you get the right coverages in place for your shop. It could be the difference between keeping the doors open or shuttering your business.