As a seasoned insurance professional, you are committed to finding the best coverage for your clients. Many clients will be in need of specialty insurance that is specifically tailored to their unique risk factors. Land Surveyors are no exception to this principle. Land Surveyors face a number of unique circumstances wherein liability claims could be made against them. Specialty insurance, which includes all appropriate coverages, exists to aptly meet the needs of these clients.
Specialty insurance companies offer specialty programs that have been carefully tailored to meet the needs of land surveyors. Companies who employ land surveyors, as well as the surveyors themselves, will want coverage that protects them against claims of negligence, error, or pollution. Disputes over property lines, device malfunction, and mathematical error all have the potential to lead to suits against surveyors and/or their employers. Customized coverage will allow you to provide adequate coverage without redundancy or gaps.
Reasonably priced premiums and deductibles are available, as are high limits that reach into the tens of millions. Multi-year policies are available for firms that qualify. Often defense is included with the purchase of a liability policy, minimizing costs in the event of a claim. Cyber liability endorsements are available as well, allowing you to provide your clients with protection from risks related to privacy, virus transmission, intellectual property, and other areas of risk associated with online business communications or transactions.
Land Surveyors do have unique areas of risk. You can astutely assist them in finding the coverages they need to comprehensively protect against these industry-specific risks.