There is nothing quite like seeing your loved one return from the battlefield safe and sound, and you just want to cheer their sacrifice and efforts in ensuring that the world remains safe and sound from tyrants and despots. Why not surprise them with this timely gift, the $223.99 Battle Mug? This is a 100% “Made in the USA” mug, using solid 6061 T6 billet aluminum complete with a M1913 rail interface system that lets you mount a bunch of other stuff that only the servicemen know how to.

In fact, it will take a fair amount of strength to lift up this 13.5 pound mug, and it is something that the Mighty Thor should be able to identify with back in his debut movie where he decided to throw the mug onto the ground and shout, “Another!”. Surely this will be able to withstand such throws! Having said that, the M1913 rail interface system will enable you to mount a tactical light, laser device, holographic sight and even a bayonet for close quarters, high risk operations, how handy is that?

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