With a multi-billion dollar event and the eyes of the world on the results you know that groundbreaking technologies are involved in the Summer Olympics. Competitions can come down to the thousandth of a point or second. And preserving the integrity of the games through accurate results is a critical.

Digitaltrends.com took a look at some of the newest technologies to be involved in London 2012 events. Here is a sneak peek:

  • Quantum timing: From Omega, the timing gurus. Enables tracking to the microsecond (0.00001)!
  • Pressure sensitive starting blocks: Used in track events, false starts will be gauged based on the amount of pressure the athlete exerts on the block.
  • Drag reducing suits: Also used in track events. The outfits are designed to reduce aerodynamic drag.

Visit digitaltrends.com for the full article.  Inevitably technologies used in the Olympics make it to our local sports stores for personal use. So keep your eyes on the games and see what technology is on the horizon.

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