I finally broke down and got myself the iPhone 4S, I like it well enough. My husband hates his old Blackberry so I suggested he grab one at the same time, he decided not to, because he wanted to wait for the 5. “What the heck else do you need a phone to do?” I asked him, he couldn’t answer, but he’s still gonna wait.

I decided to check and see what amazing advances I was now going to miss out on, and this is what I have ascertained so far: Aside from a rumored quad core processor, it looks like those in the know think the dock connector is going to change, (smaller, with less pins) which seems weird as the connector is almost iconic. The new iPhone will probably be a bit larger, but also a bit thinner, (the slightly curved glass rumor seems officially out the window) but do expect a slightly larger screen, say 3.9″ or 4″ instead of our current 3.5″ with a 16:9 HDTV-style aspect ratio .

The launch date is probably going to hit this fall, like September or October and my research suggests that this new iPhone will also probably include enhanced iCloud service, and better, higher resolution cameras (both front and rear) with dual flash, maybe even 4G or LTE capability, face recognition, and an iTunes wireless sync. There is some speculation that it could have an HDMI output and some improved battery life but it could also be missing the useful “home” button.

Thats about it, I can’t find anything more tantalizing than that, (and even this is all simply speculation) I guess I’m okay with the phone I have now. What do you guys think the biggest iPhone changes will be? What do you wish they were? and is everybody out there anxiously awaiting the iPhone 5?


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