Being a physician is one of the most rewarding jobs in the world. It is rewarding in both an emotional and financial way. As important as a physician is to people in there town they are even more important to there own family. With that being said a physician like any other person will want to make sure that there family is taken care of if the worst happens or if they are no longer able to work.
This is where disability insurance comes in. No doubt the family of a successful physician will have a good standard of life. If something happens where the physician is no longer able to work then disability insurance will provide a suitable income.Disability Insurance
As well as your families standard of living one reason that so many physicians take out a disability insurance policy is so that the huge student loan debts can be paid. It has been said that on average a physician will have student debts up to $160,000 when they graduate even the most financial successful physicians will have a while before they pay all of that off.
By taking out a good disability insurance policy you will be making sure that as well as maintaining your families standard of living you will be also saving them from your crippling student loan repayments that just because you can no longer work, you will still be legally require to pay back.
It may seem like an unnecessary monthly expenditure, but take a moment to ask you what would happen if I was no longer able to work? Would my family be ok? Then again think is it an unnecessary monthly expenditure.