Do your employees need additional coverage for the work that they provide for you? Are your employees constantly involved in high risk circumstances because of the work that they do for you? If so, you may want to consider fellow employee coverage as additional insurance so that you can take care of the people that work for you. Doing this and utilizing it if necessary might keep your employees with you a little bit longer.
This additional insurance, fellow employee coverage comes into play when one employee is responsible for another employee becoming injured on the job. These unintentional accidents can happen and if your premiums with Workers Compensation do not cover the bills for the injured employee then you, your company, or the injured employee will end up paying the costs to cover the additional medical expenses. If you have this coverage, the injured employee will be able to utilize this additional coverage for medical expenses that may incur due to an accident.
As you have read, fellow employee coverage can give you the upper hand on the high risk jobs that your employees perform for your company on a daily basis. You can purchase this insurance generally for a great deal and it can help to keep you from paying other costs that are much higher and when you are not expecting them. This might be just what you need for the services that you provide to your clients. Click here to learn more.