Insuring your home properly is very important because of what you stand to lose if there is an accident or damage to your home and it is not properly covered. There are four parts to think about when you are looking at purchasing Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance including the structure, personal property, liability coverage and additional living expenses.
The structure is not always just the home or building itself but can include the garage and deck as well as detached structures such as a barn or shed. When you purchase coverage for the structure, you need to make sure to get the total rebuild value amount so that if your home were a complete loss, you would be insured enough to rebuild it.
Your personal property is also very important and in general you want to insure your property for around 60 to 70 percent of the amount that you insure your home for. If you have specific valuables including jewelry or heirlooms, you may need to bump this up a little to cover all of those items. This can include your furniture, clothes, home d├ęcor and electronics to name a few.
Last you have your liability coverage and your additional living expenses that should be included in Putnam Connecticut homeowners insurance policies. The liability coverage helps you in case someone sues you over an injury on your property and protects you from being personally liable. The additional living expense coverage helps you if you become displaced from your home because of a fire or other disaster. This part of the insurance helps cover the costs of a hotel or apartment while your home is repaired. Be sure to make sure that all of these elements are covered in your policy.