Temporary staffing agencies provide some of the most complex services of any industry. They are responsible for matching job seekers of varying degrees of experience with jobs that are right for them and for the company seeking new employees. The staffing agencies must keep track of the job seekers’ performance at the companies that hire them and take a certain amount of responsibility for any accidents that may occur. For this reason, clients of a staffing agency often require the agency to have temporary staffing insurance coverage.


General Liability Insurance


One of the types of insurance that temporary staffing agencies should have is general liability. This covers costs related to property damage or personal injury. If a new hire is found to be responsible for damage to computers or other equipment belonging to the hiring company, the staffing agency responsible for the worker’s placement may be required to cover the costs of repair and replacement.


Professional Liability Insurance


Another type of temporary staffing insurance is professional liability insurance. This covers costs resulting from mistakes made by a person hired through a staffing agency. If a new hire makes a mistake that results in a lawsuit, the staffing agency may be called upon to reimburse the company for the financial loss caused by the lawsuit.


The participation of a staffing agency in the hire of a new employee adds another layer of responsibility to any profession. For this reason, staffing agencies must be prepared for the financial obligations that may result from malpractice, property damage or other costs incurred by the hiring company.