I went to a rock concert last year, and there was a 75 year old woman there, in a long blonde wig, a bikini top, hot pants and go-go boots. I will never forget my amazement when she turned to face me for the first time… I spent the entire rest of the evening fixated on trying to get a picture of her dancing without her seeing me. I never got that picture, and without it, no one will ever believe how freakishly hip she really was…

Well, I won’t be caught unprepared again – Check out the brand new Stalker Secret Photo Spy App for iPhone. This secret photography tool allows you to catch all kinds of candid action without calling attention to yourself or your iPhone, and it even allows you to quickly disguise the screen as an innocent text message should someone decide to look over your shoulder.

Basically this super sneaky app will kill the flash, mute the shutter sounds and snap away at preset intervals, from every 1 to 5 seconds. Setup is ultra quick, requiring only a screen tap to engage stealth mode and start snapping, and your subject will never be the wiser. Then the fun continues as you can instantly share your shots, or upload them to Facebook or your blog.

The App designer is quick to point out that the Stalker is intended for entertainment and artistic use only, and is not to be used for illegal purposes. So don’t be naughty, but you too can be a spy, and all for only 99 cents at the app store and for Smartphone stalkers, an Android version is coming soon. You really should have seen the granny at the concert… Did you ever miss a killer photo op? Leave us a comment and let us know!


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